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MAGNUS Sp. z o.o.

Magnus Sp. z o.o. is a leading corrugated board and cardboard packaging manufacturer. There's a welldeveloped fleet of cardboard and carton processing machines and devices in our offer. Using modern solutions is what makes us competitive with regard to other companies. With the high storage warehouses, we have a room where our huge stock of raw material can be stored, which thereby allows delivery flexibility and timely order completion.

Magnus focuses also on the development on the international markets and courageously competes with foreign companies, not only with its low price, but also with its high quality. The company pays also a lot of attention to design and appearance of the products on offer, which distinguishes it on the market.

Cardboard packaging manufacturer Magnus Krosno

Zręcin,ul. Karpacka 67D
+48 13 44 013 88