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Depending on your expectations, this is what we can offer:

In the event of difficulties choosing the right type of a packaging, our team with many years of experience is there to offer professional advice.

Catalog FEFCO

basic Slotted packaging

basic (Slotted)

Shaped packaging


Special packaging


Dimensional packaging


Accessories used with packaging (ex. Crates, spacers, insertions, equipment, etc.)

Accessories used with packaging

HQ packaging (High Quality)

High Quality


As a cardboard product manufacturer, we do our best to ensure that each packaging included in our offer, irrespective of it's category or design, is efficiently durable, aesthetic and usable.

Our broad range of products allows us to make grey cardboard, bleached cardboard and up to 7 layer pasteboard packagings.

The most popular types are: Wave B, C, EB, BC, E (microwave), AAC (7-layer pasteboard) and dedicated cardboards (coated cardboards, coated for a high printing quality).

Cardboard product manufacturer Magnus Krosno Cardboard product manufacturer Magnus Krosno

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